Our Services

  • All staff and families trained in Trauma Informed Care and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.
  • PRN nurse on staff for medically fragile clients
  • 24-hour on-call support.
  • All clients receive trauma and human trafficking assessments.
  • Education advocacy for special educational programs as needed and available through the community.
  • Professional, comprehensive, and specialized training for our families.
  • Planning with the child and family for goals and services.
  • Agency provides child/family visitation transportation.
  • Psychological and diagnostic appraisal to determine basic abilities and appropriate treatment goals.
  • Support and education for sexual abuse, sexual development, STD, and pregnancy prevention.
  • Competitive compensation to assist in caring for our children.
  • MIS with Foster Parent Portal.
  • Ethnic, cultural, and religious activities that promote cultural identity.
  • Individual and family counseling.
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision care.
  • Recruiting, screening, training, and supporting families to meet the child’s needs.

Our Mission

We believe that becoming a foster family is answering the call to love our neighbors, no matter what age they may be or what they have experienced.

The staff at Adore feels called as well; we are here to support one of the most necessary and important roles in our community…the foster parent.

foster family sleeping in tent

Agency Goals

Adore Children and Family Services has identified the following goals in order to continue to improve our quality of services.


Provide professional and comprehensive services to children, families, and contractors.


Utilize qualified and appropriate programs that assist Adore in serving children in need in our community.


Provide children with the support, skills and resources they need to thrive and succeed in our world.


Provide safe, nurturing and secure home environments for the hardest to place children.